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Selected Warren Zevon Discograpy

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Wanted Dead or Alive
Imperial, 1970

Warren Zevon
Asylum/Elektra, 1976

HERE is an interesting article, printed online for the first time in complete form, by Fred Petrovsky. It first appeared in the November 98 issue of Attache (USAirways) magazine and is here by arrangement with the author. While I don't agree with everything he writes, I thought you'd like to see it.

Excitable Boy
Asylum/Elektra, 1978

Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
Elektra, 1980

Stand in the Fire
Asylum, 1980  not available on CD.
(vinyl, 5E-519-B)

The Envoy
Asylum, 1982

A Quiet, Normal Life (Best of)
Asylum, 1986 available, but why bother when you can get the vastly superior anthology,
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (9-60503-2, for Quiet, Normal Life that is) 

Sentimental Hygiene
Virgin, 1987
and a nice review, courtesy of Steve Roeser

Transverse City
Virgin, 1989, on CD!
(used copies: see CDexperience link below) and possibly this link, too:
and this one, for ordering cassettes of TC:
and another friend sends THESE ideas for ordering TC as an import:
Musicrama or try Tower Records online

Hindu Love Gods
Giant, 1990..I haven't seen this one in awhile..probably you can still order it...three-fourths of R.E.M. doing the blues, if you didn't know..see the lyrics page (9 24406-2) also, see below in "Other Stuff" for an interesting sidelight to this (ordering information below) and possibly this link, too:

Mr. Bad Example
Giant, 1991

Learning to Flinch
Giant, 1993

Giant, 1995

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Elektra/Rhino, 1996, available (R2 73510)...I see this often in regular stores, or you can order direct from Rhino by 800# or webpage. (ordering information below)
and now, a favorable review, courtesy of the Steve Roeser

Life'll Kill Ya 

My Ride's Here


The Wind

Odds and Ends

Live Lyrics

Grateful Dead tribute album--Warren sings "Casey Jones" and David Lindley and Jorge Calderon help him out...a really nice CD to own, too. Arista, 1991, (ARCD--8669)

The Best of Mountain Stage, Volume Three
Warren does a really nice version of "Renegade" with a lovely violin playing along
Blue Plate Music, BPM 003CD, order it at 1-800-521-2112

Kicks Joy Darkness
The Jack Kerouac tribute album...Warren reads a poem about wine...Well, you get Hunter Thompson, too...if you like beat poetry...Rykodisc, 1997 (RCD 10329)

Hindu Love Gods single, information courtesy of Matthew Elmslie

"Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight"/"Narrator"was released on IRS-52867 in 1986.

Matthew says: WZ is hard to find on this record. He isn't the lead singer, but I think his voice shows up in the background on one of the two songs (I forget which one; it's been a while since I've listened to it). I don't know music well enough to be able to say that it's him playing guitar or piano. At the time their membership consisted of Mike Mills, Bill Berry, Bryan Cook, Peter Buck, and Warren Zevon.

You may also be interested to know that the song "Wanted Dead Or Alive" was included on an album called "Various Early Recordings Of The Superstars" (EMI-Treasury 1985 SQ-17184). It's an odd sort of an album that will also be of interest to diehard fans of Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, and David Bowie (among others) assuming that such people exist.

albums with Warren singing Warren's songs:

Super Hits Of The '70s: Have A Nice Day, Vol. 21 .Rhino Records 71201--
     "Werewolves Of London"

Rock Of The 70's Vol 2 DCC --"Werewolves Of London"

Dr. Demento Presents: Spooky Tunes & Scary Melodies Rhino Records71777      "Werewolves Of London"

Drew's Famous Halloween Party Music Volume 2 Turn Up The Music, Inc. 1029      "Werewolves Of London"

Listen To The Music: '70s Male Singer/Songwriters Rhino Records 72446---"Carmelita"

Listen To The Music: The '70s California Sound Rhino Records 72445 Lawyers Guns And Money

Albums where Warren guests--the Turtles albums contain songs Warren wrote

THE TURTLES Happy Together Sundazed Music Inc. 6037--"Like The Seasons"

Turtle Wax: The Best Of The Turtles, Volume 2. Rhino Records 70159
     "Like The Seasons" & "Outside Chance"

THE ODDS Bedbugs Zoo Entertainment 31053--Warren on guitar & piano

    One Way Records 34509 (Warren credited on keyboards)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Pass The Chicken And Listen
     One Way Records 34508 (Warren listed as guest)

PHIL OCHS The War is Over:The Best of.. A&M Records--
this album contains the song "Pleasures of the Harbor"
about which Warren says "I'm strumming a guitar way in the background"

PHIL EVERLY Star Spangled Springer

PHIL EVERLY Phil's Diner


other artists recording Warren's songs

VICTORIA Tule's Blues San Francisco Records SF 20095 side A Stereo side B mono

SUGARBLU Tule's Blues Warner Brothers Records WB 7646
(B side is Sugarblu singing Jackson Browne's song Jamaica Say You Will)
Perhaps these songs are also on a 1972 album titled "Sugarblu"

LINDA RONSTADT Hasten Down The Wind Elektra Entertainment 1072--
     "Hasten Down The Wind"

LINDA RONSTADT Greatest Hits, Vol 2 Elektra Entertainment 516--
     "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me"

LINDA RONSTADT Simple Dreams Elektra Entertainment 104--
     "Carmelita", "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me"
       and the title song by J D Souther which Warren often covered extremely well

LINDA RONSTADT Living In The U.S.A. Elektra Entertainment--"Mohammed's Radio"

DAVID LINDLEY Very Greasy Elektra Entertainment "Werewolves Of London"

HANK WILLIAMS, JR. Five-O Warner Bros. Records 25267 Lawyers Guns And Money

SHAWN COLVIN Fat City Label: Columbia 47122 Tenderness On The Block

TERRI CLARK Just The Same Mercury Nashville 532 879 Poor Poor Pitiful Me


Grand Canyon Milan Compact Discs--"Searching For A Heart"

Love At Large Virgin 91359 out of print-- "Searching For A Heart"

Midnight Cowboy EMI-Manhattan 48409 "He Quit Me"
(otherwise known as "She Quit Me") sung by Leslie Miller

The Color Of Money MCA Records--"Werewolves Of London"

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead Label: A&M Records 540 424-
out of print-"Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead"

FM MCA Records 6900 only available on cassette (sounds familiar doesnt it)
contains Linda Ronstadt singing "Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me"

lyme & cybelle singles
"Like The Seasons"<>"Follow Me" White Whale 1966
"If You Gotta Go, Go Now"<>"I'll Go On" White Whale 1966
"Write If You Get Work"<> "Song #7" White Whale 1967

Hasten Down The Wind<>Mohammed's Radio asylum 1977
Werewolves Of London<>Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner asylum 1978
Lawyers Guns And Money<>Veracruz asylum 1978
Johnny Strikes Up The Band<>Nighttime In The Switching Yard asylum 1978
Lawyers Guns And Money<>Down On My Luck asylum 1981
Let Nothing Come Between You<>The Hula Hula Boys asylum 1983
     (this could still be ordered the last time I checked)

songs Warren has covered live

First We Take Manhattan---Leonard Cohen
Into The Mystic---Van Morrison
All Along The Watchtower--Bob Dylan
Ring Them Bells---Bob Dylan
Summertime Blues---Eddie Cochran/The Who
Start Me Up--The Rolling Stones
Surfin' USA--The Beach Boys
Why Can't This Be Love--Van Halen
Simple Dreams--J D Souther
Feel A Whole Lot Better--The Byrds
What's New Pussycat?--Tom Jones
That's Amore--Dean Martin
Wild Thing---The Troggs
Raspberry Beret---Prince
My Way--Frank Sinatra 

Misc. Info, courtesty of KT:

Elvira Presents: Revenge of the Monster Hits. 1995, #72179 (Werewolves of London. And the press release says Warren is a mainstay on the radio! Which station? And why am I not working for them?) Credits list Werewolves as Asylum single #45472, for anyone who cares.

Dr Demento Presents: Spooky Tunes and Scary Melodies. 199_, #71777
(Werewolves of London)

Have a Nice Day, Vol. 21, no date, #71201 (Werewolves of London)

Have a Nice Decade: The 70's Pop Culture Box Set, 1998, #72919 (Werewolves of London. This is a decent set anyway, judging by the titles and the ability for any decade to get better the farther away we are from it. An excellent excuse to replace all my 45's.

All albums are released on Rhino Records (